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Saturday, November 30, 2013
Bathsheba Sherman for all intents was a simple farmers wife. Born in 1812 in Rhode Island she is rumored to be descended from Salem witches. Not much has been done to prove or disapprove this claim but only lends to the mystery of this story.

antique sewing shears
At the age of 37 Bathsheba and Judson had a son, Herbert. Historical evidence only provides us proof of her having 3 children of her own. However, Bathsheba was often a midwife or caretaker. It is on one of the instances that an infant in her care that the child died. A later medical review revealed a mortal wound to the forehead of the infant. It was determined that it had been made using sewing shears.

Folklore states that she hung herself from a large tree in the front yard of her farmhouse rather than be brought to justice. Another story that will keep you up tonight is that it is reported that Judson walked in on his wife sacrificing the infant and speaking incantations over a fire. For fear of his own life, he did not tell the truth of Bathsheba's consorting with devils until his last breath.

Fast forward to the early 1970's. The Sherman home is sold to the Perron family of 5.The family was from a large bustling city and so at first the creaks and sounds,draftiness and such seemed just some of those things that one would need to become accustomed to in the country. The mother Carolyn  began experiencing restless nights. It became apparent that something odd was occurring in the night. bruising and marks were appearing on her skin. Carolyn's wounds resembled a circular stab wound made with....sewing shears.
Lorraine and Ed Warren

With the realization that something unnatural was happening in their new home, The Perrons sought out renowned paranormal expert Ed and Lorraine Warren. The Warrens were known for their lectures on haunting and demonic possession. Additionally they were authorized exorcists under the religious authority of Rome. They also had a museum dedicated to artifacts that they had exorcised at previous investigations.

Lorraine was the first to suggest to The Perron's that Bathsheba Sherman was the responsible disembodied spirit for the attack on Carolyn. Further research uncovered the possibility that Bathsheba had cursed the house.The Black Book of Burrillville, the town's former public records book, reveals that over the course of its existence the property had been host to two suicides by hanging, one suicide by poison, the rape and murder of eleven-year-old Prudence Arnold by a farmhand, two drownings, and the passing of four men who froze to death, in addition to other tragic losses of life.

Following the successful exorcism of Bathsheba from the Perron's life, subsequent owners of the home have reported minor noises , occasional fog and once a blue light. It is bvelived by some paranormal experts that Lorraine bound Bathsheba but did not expel her completely. Will Bathsheba come again.....?

Later in life Andrea Perron wrote and published her own story of the events  titled
,House of Darkness House of Light: The True Story Volume One (Volume 1) .



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