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Thursday, December 5, 2013
Ectoplasm is a phenomenon that began in the early days of Spiritism also known as Spiritualism or in its ancient term...necromancy. It is said to be a physical manifestation that happens to a medium who is channeling a deceased spirit. The substance was named as such by one Charles Richet and was further defines a an external spiritual energy. The medium who was channeling or becoming the conduit for the spirit would excrete a gauze like substance from their orifices.It could also be a plastic or vapor substance. It was said to be present to allow a spiritual as well as physical connection to the deceased person, spirit , entity.
There are next to no modern examples of ectoplasm while those who have researched the instances have speculated that there exists within some individuals a psychode or psychic force which releases a fluid in order to influence surrounding matter. It was further noted that ectoplasm was susceptible to light and therefore seances had to take place in the dark or by candlelight.
Most of the earliest cases have been debunked yet the phenomenon was quite a thing to witness for 18th century spiritualists.



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