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Sunday, May 17, 2015
The Marquis was a French politician, aristocrat and free thinking progressive  for his time. Often famous for his liberal sexuality he has become in the minds of modern BDSM communities the father of all things that push the limits of sexual norms.

 The reputation that proceeded him was founded upon his known works of erotica. Whether it would be fair to merely call them erotica is questionable. Perhaps pornography with a bit of philosophical prose thrown in was more the description. Somewhat similar to pornography with a terrible script and D list acting.The celebrated nature of De Sade's belief in extreme freedoms bucked against the Catholic mindset of the time. It could be argued that he was a product of the Renaissance which at that time was gearing up to question the traditional way of life for most of Europe. 

With his libertine views and ant- religious views he was accused on many occasions of blasphemy for which he was fined, censored and at times imprisoned. These mortal crimes were not the most scandalous of his offenses however. Keeping in mind that gossip was indeed the news of the day some of what is attributed to The Marquis can and possibly is fabricated. 

He may be the most typical and unusual example of the extreme of the enlightenment period. While truly little is known factually about him some basics are. He graduated from Colle-ge de Louis le Grand, was commissioned as a coronet in the French military and later sold that commission. He was pressured into and eventually married Renee de Montreuil of a leading aristocratic family. She bore him three children. Marquis did not value marital fidelity. He seduced and eloped with his wife's sister Anne. While this reputation was taken as fact; only three scandals can be proved against him.

The most major scandal occurred on Easter Sunday in 1768, in which Sade procured the sexual services of a woman, Rose Keller a widow. Ms. Keller understood that her services would be that of housekeeper. This revealed itself to be a ruse for his true intentions. According to Rose's report; At his chateau at Arcueil, de Sade ripped her clothes off, threw her on a divan and tied her by the four limbs. Then he whipped her, made various incisions on her body in which he poured hot wax and then beat her. He repeated this process seven or eight times, when she finally escaped by climbing out of a second-floor window and running away.

There are no simple answers to why De Sade was the character that he was, In hid literary works scholars have sought answers. However, are the writings of a man truly his character? Perhaps the rational conclusions to the philosophies of his day were reached by his own exploration of them in his life. As a scientist often will test his theories upon himself; The Marquis followed suit.


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